Our company provides a range of business benchmarking and training services to the pharmaceutical industry focusing on how well a business Plans, Aligns and Implements.

Casual Business Meeting



Marketing Audit

Business Meeting

MiraVeta assess the quality of a cross functional brand marketing using our scoring system "Finding the Red Thread". The assessment is thorough, covering Marketing, Medical, Market Access, Sales and Multi-Channel departments.

A “Plan” is dynamic and so we utilise a range of documents/sources to complete the assessment such as sales briefings, strategic account plans or medical publications plans.

Team Alignment


MiraVeta assess how aligned your team is to a plan with a bespoke questionnaire. It can to show if there are any deviations between teams or departments.

Understanding – Do the teams understand the plan and what they have been asked to do

Distractions – What other requests or priorities are taking the team away from the plan

Belief/Engagement – Are the team engaged and believe in the plan

Implementation tracking

Business Meeting

To assess how well a team implements it's plan, MiraVeta look beyond the existing KPIs and review the delivery of projects/activities across the different functions.
Our process combines information to provide clients with a clear overview of how well each brand is utilising it's



Tailored Marketing Training


Designed around your company's capability framework and planning structure. Innovative sessions that engage your marketers and provide them with practical tools to develop their thinking. We use your current brand challenges and opportunities to give you a clear business impact.

Delivered by experts

Go Team

Our consultants are experienced senior leaders with marketing, sales and multichannel heritage using the practical application of marketing theory. We cover marketing planning, Implementation, measurement and review using industry specific case studies.


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